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Middle Distance

Our king discipline on Sunday. 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling, and the concluding half marathon demand everything from the athletes. Here it becomes clear who is a true champion and who may pick up the deserved finisher medal at the finish. Together with our professionals, you will experience Triathlon Pure on Sunday in an extraordinary landscape.

I'm at Stubenberg Lake

Swim: 1900 m

The swimming course traditionally covers one lap in a triangular course and is swum counterclockwise. Starting directly next to the finish line, it goes along the shore towards the opposite side of the lake. Then it turns left twice at 90 degrees to return to the transition area. In total, 1900 meters are swum. The entire swimming course is very well visible.

Nature paradise

Safety through water rescue

Unique atmosphere


Bike: 90 km

After 300m of flat 'rolling', you have to conquer 70 metres of elevation on a 700m stretch at the sea exit (Neuwaldstrasse). Then continue to the left along the 'L414' country road, where a good pace can be set for 6km on mostly downhill terrain. The ascent to the roundabout in Hartl marks the beginning of the 7km slightly selective section. Once at the top – in the district of Hinterwald – a 2km descent leads into the valley towards the 'L403'. The following flat section ends in St. Johann with the last small hill of about 100m elevation. Passing the Herberstein Zoo, turn left again into Neuwaldstrasse towards the lake area.

Picturesque landscape

Challenging Climbs

Clear departures


Run: 21.1 km

The running route takes us around the lake. As with the sprint and Olympic distance, it goes over a small bridge onto the Austraße where the turnaround point is located. However, to cover the necessary 21.1 kilometers, it will move slightly further back compared to the previous day. The entire running route is on asphalt and practically has no elevation gain. Here you can really go all out.

Fast, flat route

Great support on the track

Unique Finishline

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